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Paul Karofsky Drabble

This has been in my head all day. Thought I would share it.

"I think we should try talking to him again." Said Paul, turning off the news. "I’m worried about him."

"It will all blow over soon, he’ll realize he’s just confused with his… disorder." Paul’s wife pleaded back.

"But he hasn’t come out of his room in days. He wont go to school. He rarely eats. I’m worried." 


"But nothing, I’m going to go talk to him."

Paul stood up from his chair and walked slowly to the stairs. He didn’t know what to say. Dave wouldn’t talk to him. He had only heard the door to his room open a couple times in the past few days. He finally reached the door, and tapped it lightly with his knuckles.

"Hey Dave, open up."

There was no answer.

"Dave, open the door."

He began to knock louder, he thought Dave might be asleep. That’s all he had done all week.

"Dave! Open the door."

He was beginning to get worried. Dave was never this heavy of a sleeper.

"DAVID! Open the door NOW!”

He tried to turn the knob. The door was locked.


He was rapping on the door now. He put head up against the door. He couldn’t hear anything inside.


He slammed his shoulder on the door. His mind was racing. *SLAM* again. *SLAM* one more time. One last try, and *CRACK* the frame gave away. He looked around, there were CDs strewn around the floor, some shattered. His bed had two hangers on it, with a suit cover draped over the side of his sheets. He turned right to see the closet was wide open. Then he saw him.

"no, no, no, NO DAVID, NO!”

Next thing he knew, he was holding on to Dave, he lifted him up as hard as he could. Somehow he managed to loosen the belt around Dave’s neck. Both of them crashed to the ground. Dave was unconscious.

GET SOME HELP!" He shouted in total desperation, he couldn’t leave him.

"David buddy come on." He whispered as he tired to wake him. "DAVID!

"Honey, what’s wro- oh my God…" She covered her mouth, too shocked in disbelief to move.

"David, come one, stay with me." He sobbed, holding onto Dave refusing to think for one second he was gone. He turned around, "Honey, call 911 now!”

She couldn’t move.


She ran from the room. 

Paul was still shaking David, barely able to see his son through his tears. “David, please don’t be gone.” He pleaded, while in the other room he could hear “yes, I need an ambulance immediately.”

Then Dave shook awake. His eyes shot open. He looked up at his father. He opened his mouth but all that came out was an unintelligible choke. Dad he mouthed.

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